Revista Mexicana de MICOLOGÍA. Vol. 27. December 2008

Sunday, 22 November, 2009


Vol. 27, december 2008


Methods of agar culture of myxomycetes: an overview

Edward F. Haskins, Diana Wrigley de Basanta

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Myxomycete species concepts, monotypic genera, the fossil record, and additional examples of good taxonomic practice

Harold W. Keller, Sydney E. Everhart

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Myxomycetes associated with woody twigs

Steven L. Stephenson, Lillis A. Urban, Carlos Rojas, M. Shoaf McDonald

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Coprophilous myxomycetes of Brazil: first report

Maria de Fatima de Andrade Bezerra, Wendell Medrado Teófilo da Silva, Laise de Holanda Cavalcanti

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Biodiversity survey for myxomycetes in the mountains of central Cuba

Mayra Camino, Steven L. Stephenson, Tatiana Krivomaz, Diana Wrigley de Basanta, Carlos Lado, Arturo Estrada-Torres

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Aethalium cortex formation in the myxomycete Lycogala terrestre

Roland McHugh,Colin Reid

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Using ITS sequences to assess intraspecific genetic relationships among geographically separated collections of the myxomycete Didymium squamulosum

Katherine E. Winsett, Steven L. Stephenson

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